Contest Idea

At the final of EY Business Game Competition 2016 edition
are admitted the winners of the 12 tournaments of Business game.

What is Contest Idea

The 12 winning teams of the tournaments of Business Game will partecipate in the final step, developing the Contest Idea. The staff of EY Business Game Competition 2016 edition will suggest to the all winning teams a contest that will enable them to work together with an EY Mentor.

What will be the theme
of the Contest

The theme of the Contest will be announced to the 12 finalist teams, after the Business Game competition is over. For each team, there will be an EY Mentor who will follow the development of the contest.

How to present the idea

Each team must present a synthesis of the idea in a clear and effective way using the Elevator pitch methodology.

The staff of EY Business Game Competition will suggest a contest to finalists who will work side by side with an EY Mentor in the development the idea.
12 finalists from Italy and Spain ... only one will be the winning team!

How will the final be

A jury of experts will evaluate the idea / project of each team and announce the winning team. The final will take place at the EY headquarters in Milan according to the timeline section of the website.

When and Where

The Final EY Business Game Competition will take place at the Headquarters of EY in Milan on the 15th of July 2016.

And then?

The team that comes in first will have the opportunity of a 3 month internship in one of the EY offices in Italy or Spain.