Spain joins the engaging competition that will allow the best students to work for EY

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The Business Game Competition organised by EY in Italy and Spain


In Italy, all students that are enrolled in a degree course in the faculty of Economics, Engineering and Computer Science can participate in the competition and graduate students (who have graduated a maximum of 6 months before the publication of the Regulation) – and have a degree in one of the above mentioned faculties.*


In Spain, all students that are enrolled in Estudios oficiales de grado in Economics and Engineering and all students that are enrolled in a Másteres Universitarios program in one of the above mentioned faculties.

EY Business Game 2016: Competition Steps

EY Business Game 2016 is divided into three steps



Business Game


Contest Idea



24 multiple choice questions in 4 thematic areas: Emerging Technologies, Business Keywords, Logical Thinking, Business Planning and a progress bar, which keeps track of time.

Skillgame is a team game (with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 participants) with colleagues from the same university.

The best 240 teams that have the highest ranking score, can participate in the next phase which is the Business Game.


Business Game Competition

The first 240 teams classified at Skillgame can participate in Business Game, a management simulation game in which Teams/Companies compete with the aim of becoming the market leader and increasing the value of their holdings. The Business Game Competition takes place online, according to a pattern that provides:

  • team building for rounds of the Business Game: the 240 teams are subdivided into 12 simulated rounds of 20 teams/companies;
  • presentation of business game rules;
  • start of Simulation rounds and debriefing period. The Business Game simulates two years of management of an ITC company, divided into decision steps, each being simulated for 6 months.
    In each round of the simulation the team must decide its strategies through a “set of decisions”.
  • debriefing period, at the end of each round, a detailed analysis and feedback will be given on the strategies and decisions taken and their results;
  • results presentation and final debriefing. At the end of the game there will be a debriefing, with a final analysis of game performance. The final classification of the 12 winning teams will be then published, and they will participate in the third and final phase of EY Business Game Competition 2016 Edition.

Contest Idea

The best 12 teams will compete in the development of Contest Idea. Each team must present a synthesis of their contest idea in a clear and effective way (through the elevator pitch methodology) in order to convince the jury of the quality of an idea/project.

The final will take place at the EY headquarters in Milan, according to the “timeline” section of the website.